***** Now Obsolete *****

Argweld® Mark V Weld Purge Monitor® is now obsolete and has been replaced by PurgEye 100 Weld purge monitor.

The PurgEye 100 has the following distinct advantages over the obsolete Argweld Mark V Purge Monitor.

• Push button ‘Auto Calibration’ feature
• Low Battery Indicator
• Low Sensor Indicator
• Enlarged Screen and Larger Digits
• Tripod Mount
• Increased Sensor Reading Range
• Improved Wrist and Neck Carry Strap
• Protective Rubber Housing (optional accessory)
• Automatic Sleep Mode when not in use
• Leak-Tight Stainless Steel Probe and Gas Hose Asssembly
• Improved Quick connect/disconnect Fittings for gas purge tubing

This very affordable hand held instrument is a must for every construction site and pipework fabrication facility around the World.

JEI PurgEye Family Table API-WEB-P

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