The new Holmatro 12 bar (174 Psi) lifting bag  is designed for safe and controlled lifting of heavy objects. The lifting bags are equipped with many user-friendly features, like an integrated vulcanized carrying handle, slider pads, reflective (center) markings and optional lifting eyes. The bags have a non-slip interlocking design for optimum stability when stacking. And last but not least… with the lifting capacity printed on the side and an arrow on the label indicating the lifting height you can quickly select the right lifting bag!

Small details make a difference and a lasting experience with our users. An integrated carrying handle to easily pick up your lifting bag. A simple arrow for a quick visual indication of the lifting height. An extra gauge on the control unit to keep an eye on the incoming air pressure. Discover all the smart features of the new Holmatro lifting bag range!

We offer lifting bags in a wide range of lifting Capacity ranging from 2 Tons to 96 Tons depending on bag size.


• Integrated carrying handle with capacity indication, for easy carrying and to Quickly pull the right lifting bag from storage

• Standard equipped with slider pads – For easy insertion underneath an object

• Clear indication of safety warnings, technical specifications and lifting height –  To help you work safer and easier

• Center markings on all sides  – To help you position a smaller bag onto a larger model

• Non-slip surface with interlocking profile – To maximize the contact area and stability of inflated lifting bags

• Reflective markings on all corners and in center – For optimal visibility in the dark

• Inserts for optional lifting eyes – To attach a rope for easy maneuvering of your lifting bag

• Compliant with relevant safety standards – Meets EN 13731 and other legislative requirements

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