Compact Diameter.

Available with and without bypass.

Most sizes afford easy placement by one man. Flexibility allows Multi-Size plugs to navigate through small hot tap or branch pipe into large pipeline; then inflate with air or water.

Typically used for plugging or testing of pipelines especially when there is small-restricted access. The Multi-Size plug is the most flexible plug on the market; it has the greatest multi-size range and will conform to almost any pipe configuration. The small-deflated diameter and flexibility allows insertion and removal through a manhole for plugging otherwise inaccessible pipelines. It is also used as a semi permanent valve to isolate hazardous waste spills. Nylon reinforced Nitrile outer ply provides a long life and an excellent seal for testing. No shelf rot like rubber plugs.

JEI Medium Duty Inflatable Bladders


  • High Strength Flexible Materials: Plugs are generally made from Ballistic Nylon Reinforced Nitrile Outer Ply for Hydrocarbon Resistance – many other materials available and have connections for water or air inflation.
  • Multi-Size plugs may be used in any pipeline larger than the deflated diameter. Allow for some seepage in smaller size pipelines
  • Most sizes are available for prompt shipment.
  • Light Weight: Allows one person insertion for most sizes and applications.
  • Diver Friendly: Small deflated size allows removal of air for easier insertion under water.
  • Higher Head Pressure: All inflation pressure is applied to the inside wall of the pipe through the Multi-Size plug. Molded rubber plugs require much of the inflation pressure just to expand the plug.
  • Flexibility: Deflated Multi-Size plug easily navigates bends and small openings. A 72” Multi-Size plug may be inserted through a 10” opening!
  • Custom Configurations: Custom Flexible and Rigid Plugs have been manufactured for many high temperature and severe chemical applications.