The Ideal Flange Fit-Up Tool!

Simple and easy to use, this tool is a great time saver.

Standard Features

  • Can be used on all standard weld neck flanges and great with slip-on flanges
  • Contact points stainless steel – a standard feature
  • One piece construction – no loose pieces
  • Quick action operation
  • Priced right

Note: The Internal Fit-up Clamp is an alignment tool. A separate lifting device to support the flange weight is recommended.

Simple Operation

1. Tighten jaws to clamp pipe I.D.
2. Mount flange on second set of pipe jaws, adjust for gap and tighten jaws for final fit-up.


Three Models to cover a wide pipe Range

IFUC2-4     2 – 4″ (50 mm – 100 mm) Internal Fit-up Clamp

IFUC4-8     4 – 8″ (100 mm – 200 mm) Internal Fit-up Clamp

IFUC8-12    8 – 12″ (200 mm – 300 mm) Internal Fit-up Clamp