We bring into the Canadian market, Holmatro Hydraulic cutters – versatile, robust, ergonomically designed and easy to use.

The ICU5 cutter is a light duty mobile cutter which can have 4 blade options, ICU 5A10, ICU 5A30, ICU5A60 & ICU5A70

See the chart below showing blade options for the ICU 5A cutter.


The cutter operates with a electrically / Gas operated Hydraulic pump. The electric pump is supplied with CSA Inspection label and ready to be used in Canadian market.

Several Hose lengths are available as required. Standard length is 20′.

We service Holmatro systems and have factory trained certified technicians to repair and maintain your equipment.



The light duty mobile cutters are designed for repetitive light cuts. When the weight of the tool is to be as light as possible the small duty cutters need to be considered.

The cutting force offered by these cutters is significantly less compared to the medium or heavy duty mobile cutters.