Medium Pressure Bolt Type Test Plugs

For Simple Reliable Testing Without Tube Wall Damage

  • Pressures to 250 psi (17 Bar)
  • Sizes for 1/4″ to 10 1/2″ (6.4mm – 266.7mm) Pipe and Tube I.D.

EST’s Bolt Type Medium Pressure Test Plugs are designed for simple, reliable testing of pipe and tubing, without the tube wall damage associated with other test plugs. That’s because our Bolt Type plugs feature a neoprene seal – the only part of the plug that comes in contact with the tube I.D. To use, simply install into the open end of the pipe or tube and tighten the large compression nut to expand the seal element. Then begin testing.


  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Corrosion resistant plated carbon steel with neoprene seal elements.
  • Versatile: Wide range of available sizes. For larger sizes or special configurations – Contact factory.
  • Brass Anti-Gall Washer and Thread Lubricant: Protects threads and facilitates test plug installation and removal.
  • Long Wearing Full Disk Seals: Extend plug life.
  • Easy to Maintain: Replacement seals readily available.
  • Optional Pipe Cap: Allows plug to be used in either a ported or solid configuration.
  • Super Stock: Sizes from 1/2″ to 8″ in Sch 40 and 80 are available for same day or next day shipment.
  • Optional Construction: 300 Series Stainless steel. Seals available in Silicone or Viton®.
  • Quality Assurance System: Manufactured under a Quality Assurance Program certified to ISO 9001 and several U.S. nuclear industry standards including ANSI N45.2, NQA-1, 10CFR 50 Appendix B, and 10CFR 21.


Below is a specification chart for Bolt Type Test Plugs. Please note one plug DOES NOT cover the Tube ID range given in the first column of the chart.

The chart below is to illustrate pressure, dimensions and design for plugs in the tube ID range specified.  Each plug is cut to fit the application and expands about 0.06″

When ordering, specify tube or pipe ID, or OD and wall thickness or schedule, desired maximum test pressure and temperature. We will advise part number, size range and pressure on teh quote.

Please note one plug DOES NOT cover the Tube ID range given in the first column of the chart.

Bolt Type Specifications