PurgEye 100 is our best selling purge monitor. A versatile low cost unit this purge monitor suits many applications that require you to monitor and measure the purge quickly and effectively.

This purge monitor is far better than an oxygen monitor which is designed to measure oxygen content. Oxygen monitors detects levels of oxygen and may alert you when the oxygen level falls below acceptable limits. Purge monitors are different and are designed to detect oxygen levels in PPM or parts per million or fractionally low amount compared to ambient air. A good weld requires the least possible oxygen level and the PurgEye measures this level in parts per million units.

PurgEye 100 monitors come with a new and improved sensor that far surpasses the life in comparison to its predecessor the Argweld Mark III, Argweld Mark IV and Argweld MarkV. The electro-chemical sensor has proven to provide life between 18-24 months. The more the unit is used in purging the better life you get from the sensor. When the unit is in use it comes in contact with Argon or the inert gas, which improves sensor life. The unit also allows site calibration. The PurgEye 100 alerts the user when the sensor is close to reach the end of its life. The unit also has a function built in that alerts the user of low battery level


We calibrate and repair the PurgEye 100 units in our office in Aurora,ON. Please send in your purge monitors for yearly calibration, sensor replacement or repairs.

Unit comes complete in

  • A plastic carrying case with Justram PurgeEye 100 Canadian distributor logo.
  • Fitted foam in the case to house the purge monitor and accessories.
  • Calibration certificate
  • Hose to extract sample gas to measure purge level
  • Hose fitted with an aspirator bulb to pump the sample gas from the weld area being monitored
  • A probe or steel tube to insert in the weld zone from where sample gas is extracted
  • Neck strap
  • Two AA batteries are supplied. The AA batteries are a big improvement over previous models as these are readily available at low cost.
  • PurgEye 100 product manual.

This unit measures purge levels down to 100ppm or 100 parts per million, i.e. 0.01%. The unit comes credited with IP65 dust and water protection so it is safe in outdoor use and the rugged requirements of the industry.

Field calibration is a breeze with the press of a button.

A large LCD display gives clear view of purge readings in field environments.

We strongly recommend the use and purchase of the Rubber Housing for Purge monitor that helps protect the unit. It is like a protective cover for your cell phone. We have seen far too many monitors damaged due to the absence of these housing. The PurgEye 100 rubber cover helps protect your investment and keep your equipment in good order.

Unit weighs less than a kilogram, is easy to handle and ergonomically designed keeping in view its use in typical weld environments.

We provide purge monitor calibration service, sensor replacement and repairs at our Aurora, ON office.

We also have a wide range of purge monitors in our family of Argweld PurgEye weld monitors.