Stepped Wedge and Gauge

Stepped Wedge & Gauge™ Spacing Wedge allows fitters to quickly set a consistent gap while eliminating internal misalignment.



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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Part #        DESCRIPTION                                        DIMENSIONS
2130           Stepped Wedge™ (Small)                     3/4” width x 4” length
2132           Stepped Wedge™ (Medium)                  1 -1/2” width x 6” length
2133           Stepped Wedge™ (Large)                     1 -3/4” width x 8” length


The Stepped Wedge & Gauge™ is a flange wedge that helps pipe fitters and welders get an accurate gap and a faster, higher quality fit-up. Use it for all vertical and horizontal scenarios including pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting and fitting to fitting connections, in fact for every fit-up imaginable. The Stepped Wedge & Gauge keeps QA/QC and your client satisfied because they will know that your welding is being executed at the highest standard possible.

Pipe spool fabrication and pipeline construction generally requires the use of multiple sections of pipe and fittings. It is common in the industry to join metallic steel and steel alloy pipe by welding. When fitting pipe, great care must be taken to ensure that the hi-lo is acceptable within the site specific weld procedure.

Common methods of ensuring proper gap between sections of pipe include the using a wedge, a gap rod, or a spacing ring. These devices are either placed between the pipe sections as they are brought together or they may be hammered or driven into a smaller gap to open the gap to a wider desired width. Generally, a wedge is used in combination with a gap rod that has a specific thickness. The Stepped Wedge & Gauge™ helps a green apprentice or even the most experienced pipe fitter become more efficient in virtually every fit-up imaginable.


The Stepped Wedge & Gauge™ is made from stainless steel that has been tempered to increase its hardness and durability. At the business end of the tool is a knife edge which is stepped to match industry standard electrode thicknesses for gap spacing, specific to your weld procedure.