Torq N’ Seal® Elastomer Condenser Plugs

The Torq N’ Seal® – Elastomer Condenser Plug (TNS- ECP) utilizes a proprietary (EPDM) ethylene propylene elastomer compound, combined with a patented plug design to reliably seal leaking condenser and low pressure heat exchanger tubes.
The Torq N’ Seal (ECP) snaps into a 5/16″ specialized holding “T” handle hex drive which enables the installer to orient the plug in any direction without it releasing into the waterbox or vessel head.The eccentric cam is then aligned with the body diameter and inserted into the leaking tube. When the plug is turned clockwise the eccentric cam will actuate, thereby providing a resistive force when torqued. Hand tightening of the expansion screw (60 5 ft.lbs.) with a “T” handle hex wrench compresses the elastomer seal against the tube wall ID. The molded seal conforms to any discontinuities in the tube and creates a permanent and positive tube sheet seal.



Max. Service Temperature: 350°F (177°C)
Max. Operating Pressure: 250 psi (1.7 M Pa)
Seal Chemical Resistance: Excellent in 10% Sulfuric Acid; Sodium Chloride Solutions; Ozone; Oxidizing Environments; Good Service life in 10% Nitric Acid and Radiation
Corrosion Resistance: Meets MIL-A-8625F And ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test
Torque Value to Seal: 60 in. lbs. (6.78 Nm)