Large Mobile Cutters

We bring into the Canadian market, Holmatro Hydraulic cutters - versatile, robust, ergonomically designed and easy to use. The ICU40 comes with two options of

Holmatro Industrial Cutters – Overview

We bring you in Canada robust, lightweight and extremely versatile hydraulic industrial cutters from Holmatro. The Holmatro

Pipe Alignment Clamps

Our external alignment clamps are easy, effective and economical way to align Pipe and fittings in a matter of seconds. Forged construction adds strength and

BW5000 Auto Bore Welder – Bortech by Climax

A powerful welding and cladding machine that rotates around the work piece, the BW5000 Auto Bore Welder produces high quality

BW3000 Auto Bore Welder – Bortech by Climax

The CLIMAX BW3000 Auto Bore Welder automated step welding machine provides you with a new degree of welding performance and precision. Your weld time

BW2600 Auto Borewelder – Bortech By Climax

The BW2600 Auto Bore Welder is a compact blend of simplicity, performance and reliability, capable enough to tackle aggressive field applications with ease. The

BB5000 Line Boring Machine

The best value option is our BB5000 -  compact, versatile and powerful line boring machine. It makes your tough jobs easier and there are

BB4500 Line Boring Machine

Compact and affordable, the BB4500 offers great mounting flexibility to allow you work in restrictive spaces. Select from a variety of motor and bar options

Borewelder BW1000

CLIMAX’s automated welding machines are designed to attach directly to several of our boring machine mounting fixtures allowing a single setup for both welding